Climate and Weather Conditions

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you'll be interested in the weather conditions. The andalusian climate can be summarised in three points:

  • Hot and dry summers
  • Mild winters
  • Irregular precipitation

When is the best time to visit us?

Of course, it is impossible to generally predict the weather with a precision of a certain week. But the experience has taught us the following observations.


These are typically the coldest and wettest months. The chances of rain are very high, but still the sun manages to peek through every now and then. Temperatures will be between 10 and 15 degrees celsius during the day and somewhere below 10 during the night. Frost is a rare exception.

If you're weather-proof and prefer to not meet too many other tourists, then this is your season. Paragliding, however, is hardly possible. You may be lucky but the odds are against you.


March sees the return of the sun. Each week a little more. Spring is the most beautiful season in Andalusia. In April the nature around us virtually explodes. Everything is green and in bloom. Temperatures are mostly in the high 20's celsius.

As of the end of March more and more paragliders flock to the village celebrating the spring season.


Spring is very short here. Beginning as of May it is getting summerlike warm (compared to northern european standards). The thermometer will now climb towards 30 degrees, sometimes even beyond. But it's not too hot, yet, to undertake all sorts of outdoor activities. Rain is now becoming a rare event.


These two months are the hottest of the year. In an andalusian summer it's rarely below 35 degrees celsius. Mostly, towards 40. The recurring winds (either from the west or the east) make the heat somewhat bearable. At night temperatures often stay above 25 degrees.

It won't rain anymore until September (normally). In this scorching heat you need to have lava in your blood to perform outdoor sports. It's much better to take a dip in the pool, relax and enjoy the beautiful sunsets on the terrace.


As soon as the summer heat pulls out, the paragliders return. Now there's ideal conditions for longer flights. The thermometer usually climbs up to the mid 20's and rarely falls close to 10. The wind still is your dail companion. The perfect season for hiking, biking or canyoning. And also for visiting the beautiful white villages in the area.


Not at all "christmassy" is this season. The rainy days are still the exception, the sun warms up the air up to 20 degrees during the days. However, the nights can become quite crisp already, with temperatures around 5 degrees celsius. Heating season is about to start. Still perfect conditions for hiking. Only this time you need to wear a jacket and long trousers. :-)