Our House, In The Middle Of Our Hills

The house used to be a Cortijo/Bodega (farm house/winery) and is located on a little hill amidst olive and almond groves (formerly vineyards). It was built (supposedly, as there are no records) around 1910-1915. The oldest part is really small, with a base area of only 40 square metres. Over the years the house has been extended and converted several times. What's our living room today used to be the parlour of the bodega. The roof of the terrace was added in the 1980's. 


The house exists in its current shape since 2006. With the latest renovation the previous owners installed -amongst other things- new windows and doors and a new water supply, which makes the house independent from a municipal water connection. We moved in in February 2015 after a longer period of vacancy and have awakened the house bit by bit from its long hibernation.


The main house comprises five bedrooms (two of which used to be guest rooms on the ground level), two bathrooms, a kitchen and a large room separated into dining room and living room. From here you step out onto the terrace, which is sourrounded by fig trees, palm trees, cactuses and bushes. Part of the terrace has a roof under which we like to sit at our big dining table or relax on our couch with its coffee table. The kidney shaped pool is waiting for you to take a refreshing dip when it's hot in summer (and it is hot a lot).


The view from here is phantastic. Especially in the evenings it's a pleasure to watch the sun go down and having a delicious drink.


Attached to the north end of the house there is a two-room apartment with its own bathroom, kitchen, and a separate entrance door. This apartment offers you more privacy if you wish to have it.


There is ample parking space outside the house. If needed, you will also manage to park a camper van just in front of the inner gate on a spot with great views as well.


The access path from the scarcely used country road beneath is about 100 metres (300 feet) long and well accessible with normal cars.

Further Information

Our water comes from our own well on the estate and is stored in two large tanks. That way we are able to overcome a couple of days during summer when it takes the well longer to replenish. The water pressure is produced by an electric pump, which means that in case of a power outage there is no water either. Despite a mechanical filter and a decalcification system between the water tanks and the house, the water is not classified as potable. Therefore, we recommend you bring your own drinking water with you.


The hot water comes from a gas heating, which is lit up every time you open the hot water tap. It may take some time until the hot water reaches the house. 


We try to save as much energy as possible and therefore have replaced the light bulbs with the latest LED lamps. The water pumps are using enough power already, so that the lighting need not add to that. 


Nevertheless we would ask you to economise your power, gas, and water consumption wherever you can. Every little contribution helps.


Although recycling is still in its infancy in Spain, there are yellow containers designated for packagin waste at every collection point. We separate our waste by glass, paper, plastics, compost and remaining waste. There is a compost heap in our garden, too. So, we would like to encourage you to join us separating recyclable materials.



Our internet access is realised through a mobile connection with HSDPA speed. It's in the nature of a mobile connection that the bandwidth is subject to a certain variability. But download speeds up to 3MBps are possible. The UMTS router is connected to a UPS, so that even in case of a power outage the connection is available for a while.


The following photos provide a bit of an impression of what to expect.