The People Behind "El Camino Verde"

Nina & Sascha

Nina, born in '74

In her former life she used to be working in human resources of a large financial auditing company in Frankfurt (Main), Germany. On the side she began studying alternative healing for pets. She is inspiration and soul of "El Camino Verde" and the driving force in the hosting sector, providing for the cosy ambience to make you feel at home. Her motives to escape from the lifestyle in Germany were a growing unhappiness with the pressure and competition and the thanklessness in the corporate work environment.


Sascha, born in '69

Until May 2014 he worked as a consultant and software engineer for a mid-scale management consultancy in Wiesbaden, Germany. The constant hustle, the pressure of the ever-demanding meritocracy and the alienation between people have sparked the urgent wish to escape from all of that and start something new that actually matters. Due to his technical background he is responsible for everything that is being held together by nuts and bolts or bits and bytes. Also, he is taking care of public relations through this website and social media.




Their love for Andalusia and the old dream of running a guesthouse in the countryside finally brought them here in June 2014. Both share the love for animals and nature, the heartfelt wish for a better, healthier and more peaceful world and enjoying delicious food without animals suffering. As the animals seem to notice that, they tend to find them, than it is the other way round. This way, the team of "El Camino Verde" has grown significantly over time.

The Staff

Our employees and ourselves are always anxious to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. We're always all ears for questions, wishes, problems or suggestions.