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Why "Camino Verde"?

When choosing a name for our small enterprise we were looking for something that expresses both, our connection with nature, as well as our ambition to conserve and protect it through a sustainable management.

"Camino Verde" means "Green Way" or "Green Path" and reflects just that. We love being outdoors in the green on solitary paths. At the same time we are endeavouring to constantly improve our behaviour as consumers and move away from all the destructive consequences of modern society from which our planet is suffering. And this is best supported by a vegan lifestyle.


We know that we are not perfect, yet, in doing so. On the one hand we have not been born vegan, thus having a history from which we have brought things over to our new life. Also, we have too long been influenced by an urban life. On the other hand it is not always possible to do the ultimately right thing with a reasonable effort. So sometimes you have to make contradictory decisions.


But we are continuously working on our own improvement. Just because you can't do something perfectly doesn't mean you don't have to try it at all.


The selection of our new home here in Spain therefore reflects exactly our need for a surrounding close to nature as well as for a more native lifestyle.

That's why we are starting to grow our own vegetables, or buy them from an organic farmer who is located about one kilometre (less than a mile) away from our house. Our water supply is provided by our own well, drinking water is available for free in the fountains of Algodonales. We avoid and reduce waste wherever we can, re-use what is still good to use, and recycle what can serve as raw material for new products. Following the motto: "Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle"


Join us on our voyage and take something of it home with you.



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