Vegan accomodation for your holidays in Andalusia - Hiking, Mountain Biking, Road Biking, Motor Biking

Vacation at friends' in Andalusia

Be out and about or enjoy the silence

This former farmhouse/winery, embedded in soft green hills in the back country of Andalusia, will make you forget your stress and worries. We are offering you a self-contained apartment with a double bed, an en-suite bathroom and a kitchen. Our garden with its stunning views invites you to relax.

But due to the close vicinity to the Nature Reserve "Sierra de Grazalema" our house is an ideal basecamp for all kinds of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, canyoning, paddle boarding, kayaking, via ferrata and climbing.


Active holidays or doing nothing. Your choice. Or you do both! :-)

Vegetarian/vegan vacation? What's that?

We see it as a vacation with the like-minded. Here you don't have to explain yourself and your needs, we understand. At home we are ourselves preparing only vegan meals, and we keep our guestrooms free from animal products.


And if you're not yet familiar with vegan cooking, we will be happy to show you how delicious food can be without the use of milk, eggs, meat or fish, using simple and easy recipes.


Vegan in Spain? (Still) difficult. but feasible!

During our own travels through Andalusia we experienced first-hand how difficult it is to realise a vegan lifestyle here. To many people it is still a strange thought not to consume any animal products. However, many Tapas menus already offer quite some delicious items that are also vegan. Upon request more and more restaurant owners are willing to alter their meals to be vegan. Tip: be as specific as possible as the concept of veganism needs some more explaining at times.

The dream of "El Camino Verde"

Long had it been our dream to work self-employed, running a guesthouse or a B&B, and to escape from the hectic, competitive, consumption-centered life in Germany. Instead, we wanted to combine the nativeness of rural Andalusia with a vegan-oriented philosophy, and use that as the basis of our concept of a sustainable vacation experience. In 2014 we rented this beautiful country house near the village of Algodonales (province of Cádiz) to realise that dream.


In the following pages we would like to introduce to you our surroundings, our house and our rooms. We're looking forward to your visit, our conversations, and exchanging experiences with vegan travelling.



Nina & Sascha

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The closer we feel our relationship to the tree, bird or animal as a fellow creature, the more can we absorb of the vitalizing element given out by all these expressions of mind. The mind which sees in tree, bird, animal, fish or insect only a thing lacking intelligence and fit only to destroy or enslave for amusement, repels from all of these a spirit or element, which, if recognized, would be received or absorbed, and, if absorbed, would bring a new life and power to mind and body. --Prentice Mulford, "Thoughts Are Things", 1889